I caught up with Suit Yourself Modernists, and had a chat about how I got into Photography, and where Mad Mods and a Camera came from.

Take a peak and read about how it all came to be, and some of the stories I've picked up along the way.

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So, what's Mad Mods And A Camera?

A journey – An amazing journey that started with a brief conversation outside a café in Enfield, North London. A journey that’s taken me on Rideouts, to club meetings and social events, and led to meet-ups with Mods all over the country.

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This is 21st century England

The Mods. They represent the best of 1960s England – great music, great style, a great look. And those scooters to die for. But how many people in today’s England realise that the Mods are still around?

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Mad Mods to Modwear

We recently saw some cracking Black and White (and some colour) pictures being re-tweeted on our Twitter feed. We went to the source and stumbled across: @Spaceinvader65 – It also led us to finding an article on the London Economic.

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Rupert the what?

The day after my Carnaby Street adventure and back-to-back Rideouts, I was scheduled to head down to sunny Brighton on an early train. Sadly, I was followed by rubbish weather. It was a bit disheartening because I thought nobody would turn up.

It wasn’t until I was approaching Brighton that I spotted my first Mod. But he was walking in the opposite direction – not a good sign! Little did I know that I was to bump into Rupert later on.

The weather really had played its part in stopping many Mods taking advantage of the Bank Holiday Monday. There was only a small gathering. But on the plus side, it meant that I could work more with them as individuals, which was amazing.

And what a group of guys they were! I spent a number of hours shooting some very hardy Mods on a very wet and windy seafront. I also got to shoot Rupert, whose last name, believe it or not, is ‘Bear’. (Sorry if that’s made you hum the theme tune, but who gets to meet a real-life Rupert Bear!)

Creating a Scene on Carnaby Street

The weather was on my side and what a day it was. Just seeing Carnaby Street rammed with Mods and their trusted Vespas and Lambrettas was a cracking sight and every tourist’s dream!

What I’ve learnt in the short time I’ve been documenting the Mods is when they say they’re arriving at a certain time, they really mean it. So it was an early start from North London to make sure I didn’t miss a thing.

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Mods 1 Storm Katie 0

My first Bank Holiday Ride Out for 2016 and the weather forecast had Storm Katie hitting our shores. Typical, I thought. When I passed the Dick Turpin on the A127 – a meeting point for the Mods before they arrive at Southend – it didn’t look good. There were just a handful of scooters in the car park.

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In Pictures ... Mad Mods and a Camera

It all started on Remembrance Sunday when I drove by a café and saw about eight or nine mods standing outside.

I thought I have to go back and take some pictures of them. I have always loved Mod culture and their way of life. So I got my camera and parked up next to them.

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